Uber Eats Japan promotion code 3000Yen off at First Order

Welcome to Japan! I’m Famous Food Deliverer In Osaka.

Uber Eats 特別価格のパンケーキ
Eggs Things in Umeda

I give the Uber Eats Japan special promotion code for You.


First-time limited special promo code

If you haven’t used Uber Eats or Uber Taxi in Japan, you can get a big discount coupon code with the first order.

🍜Uber Eats Limited Code🍔

Promotion Code

[ JPEATS2004 ]

First order 3,000 yen OFF

How to activation: Install → Launch App → Account → Promotion → Enter Code

* Available in Uber Eats service areas in Japan.
* First order only.


  • This code only for the first orderer.
  • Can’t be used together.
  • If you want to use this code, please register the app in Japan.
  • Uber promotions change over time.

Enjoy Japanese Food!




出前館の魅力は圧倒的な高額報酬! 一件当たり何と550~2310円です。下限が高いのが特徴。

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