Shimano reveal New Ultegra R8000 in 2017? 6800 series are blowout!

Shimano New Dura-Ace fever don’t calm down yet from last year. But This year is Ultegra Year!


The last Ultegra groupset became 11speed in 2013.Shimano bike components renewal cycle is 4year. Actually, Old Dura-Ace 9000 series released in 2012.


Then,New Ultegra be able to reveal coming soon.May be,It’s announce at The Taipei Cycle Show at next month in Taiwan.


Keep 11 speed,disc brake wheel,power meter?


However,New Dura-Ace R9100 have keep 11 speed.Of course,New Ultegra have keep 11 speed too absolutely!


Ultegra bike component are 2nd grade.That can’t up over 1st grade Dura-Ace.New Dura-Ace Owner will fury very very fully.Oh My God!


So that,New Ultegra following New Dura-Ace,keep 11 speed,Hydro disc brake,DB wheel,Ultegra power meter.The minor version up!


“…following steadily Dura-Ace than released at last year…”

“…Great cost down,but there are brush up any detail…”

“…Amazingly smooth shift performance up by several tens of percent from the old model. Especially the front derailleur…”


Amazingly smooth shift performance!


Oops,This review is absolutely cheap.Shimano and Bike media says everytime.I know already Shimano mech is very smoothly.


Dura-Ace R9100 crank change HQ metalic silver to simple black monotone.This color take a shock for users and Shimano fans.


“Oh No! It isn’t Dura! So Ultegra!!”


Currently Ultegra crank has color option the silver and black.How do make New crank something good topics?


Like SRAM EAGLE gold!


 SRAM XX1 Eagle Groupset Gold - 10/50

SRAM XX1 Eagle Groupset Gold – 10/50

RRP $1,344.00
OFF 24%
Sale Price $1,012.27

※This price is at 16:09:57 19/02 2017 in


Ah,SRAM EAGLE are 12S drivetrain for MTB. And Shimano DH grade Saint accent color is a gold.


C24 wheel do not take wide rim,moreover become just a little heavy?


WH-R9100 C24 the Dura-Ace wheel don’t take wide rim but gram up 1364g to 1389g. Maybe wheel rim volume up invisible. May be wheel rim make a volume up what we can’t look.


Old Dura-Ace wheel users not welcome the stupid change. WH-9000 C24 is a great performance road bike wheel for hill climb.


Then,Ultegra wheel WH-6800 is very usually one. Actually price is about $300. 1640g,Tubeless ready,not luxusuary visual…This is bike wheel for the people.


Campagnolo ZONDA, Fulcrum Racing 3, Mavic ksyrium PRO,They are very cool and high performance,but expensive $80~100 more than our Ultegra wheel.


If New Ultegra wheel keep currently price and weight,Users will move those cool wheels. Unfortunately,


Shimano never can’t never be winner with product visual design. This is not Cool Japan of not Cool Japan.DASAI!


Shimano wheel=School reguration shoes

C,F,M wheels=Adidas, Nike, New balance etcetc…


So that,weight and price are very seriously. Practicality and Cost performance are all identity of Shimano products.Price up and Weight up has loose user’s trust directly.


However, GDP of Maraycia there are Shimano factry,this grow up about 5% a every years from 2010.


Shimano components renual in every four years. 5*4=20% cost up! Anyways,price keep or price down are impossible.


not wide rim,not cool,little price up and little quality down THE NEW ULTEGRA WHEEL WH-R8000!! Who will easily buy that CONSed wheel?


AND,Currently 6800 Ultegra is good blowout price.What groupset are 55% OFF!


Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 Speed Groupset - Grey
Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 Speed Groupset – Grey

RRP $1269.99
OFF 55%
SALE $PRICE 572.49

※This price is at 17:30:04/19/02 2017 in

Anyway New Ultegra keep 11S and color option anything.This pre release season is a best shopping chance!